The Institute

IQVET works with stakeholders to define, establish, promote and recognise quality in Vocational Education and Training (VET) for the pursuit of excellence.
IQVET Mission

The reason why

The Institute for Quality in VET was established in the light of a series of damaging issues to the sector.

VET has of late been associated with scandals, malpractice and poor ethical conduct. Whilst the picture painted by the media is that VET is a system in chaos, and there has been a crackdown in addressing/removing unscrupulous providers, there are many in this sector who are committed to its actual purpose.

In these times it is important to stand together, to protect the brand, to demonstrate that the issues have been generated by but a handful of operators, and as a whole VET is not the chaos which is reported. In fact, VET has the potential and the capability of being a stand-out leader in education and contribution to industry.

IQVET aims that by working in collaboration, we as the VET sector can make it not only great but the true leader it is capable of being.

Our Focus

1 Provide a voice for VET .

Championing the VET sector, providing real insight to the media and other channels. We work to place VET in a positive and more accurate light. For every bad story we aim to promote ten exceptional ones.

2 Lift the standard of VET.

Working with a collaborative member-base we establish standards, provide information, access to training and networking to help all in the sector in lifting the standard and the profile of VET.

3 Promote Quality

Establishing standards that are reflective of quality not just compliance. Enabling those who provide exceptional services to be promoted, recognised and raise the bar.

Who we are.

IQVET represents the sector. We are led by a board of passionate individuals who are determined to see a better tomorrow.









How we do it


We start by listening; our members are are most valuable voices. Through formal and informal methods we find out what is working, what needs change and what we would like that change to look like. We work with industry, employers, students, associations and regulators to get holistic picture


We believe that positive change can only occur if we, the industry work together, not against each other. Our members will be able to exchange ideas, opinions and identify best practice. We are there to work with other associations, training organisations, gaining strength through effective partnerships.


We work hard to make VET look good. Showing the public that there is good in our industry, demonstrating and being proud of success. Highlighting that the majority is passionate, they are effective, they are ethical and they are being affected.


We talk, we open doors, we discuss and we make it possible for others to interact. Through events, discussion groups and other avenues we work hard to enable our members to talk to each other, connect with industry and employers and work with regulators to find answers