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The Institute for Quality in Vocational Education and Training.

The Institute for Quality in VET or IQVET
is a member-based organisation which works with stakeholders to define their needs in advocating for a greater, better environment.

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The starting point is the identification of needs, established in collaboration with key stakeholders such as industry groups, RTO’s, employers and our members.


Working with industry to establish standards for excellence, not simply compliance. These apply to RTO’s, Trainers, Assessors and Course Designers.


Providing VET with a supporting voice. Presenting information and positive stories to improve the profile of the industry.


Providing our members access to information, news as well as a network of people wanting to make a difference

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Magic in VET happens everyday, but too often it is hidden away.  It’s our job to release the good news and promote our sector.

It’s good to share greatness; it brings joy, it inspires, it lifts standards and makes us achieve.

If you have a great story- don’t keep it to yourself send it to our team hello@IQVET.com.au


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